Schachenmayr Bravo Softy 50g 08379 altrosa


Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€45.00* / 1 Kilogram)
Product number: 9807589-08379
Product information "Schachenmayr Bravo Softy 50g 08379 altrosa"
Brushed yarn made of acrylic für garments, accessoires, home decoration and toys.
Composition: 100% Acrylic
Needle size: 3,00 mm / 11 / - , 3,25 mm / 10 / 3 , 3,50 mm / - / 4 , 3,75 mm / 9 / 5 , 4,00 mm / 8 / 6
Meterage: 140m
Tension/Gauge: Stitch x Row for 10cm x 10cm:: 22 x 30
Country of origin: Türkiye
Care instructions washing : Machine wash on extra gentle cycle 40°
Care instructions bleach: Do not bleach
Care instructions tumble dry: Tumble drying low temperature (gentle)
Care instructions ironing: Do not iron or steam iron
Care instructions professional cleaning: Cleaning process for delicate textiles

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Designs Schachenmayr Bravo Softy

Marlon Sloth, S10743
Once you meet Marlon, you will know that sloths aren´t really that lazy. They are just slow and experts at saving energy. And they are loners that cherish peace and quiet. We know some people that are just like that. How about you?

Otto Elephant, S10742
Elephants are family-oriented animals and take care of each other. They are very sensitive, have an amazing memory and are symbols not only of luck, but also of strength and intellect. Otto is all that and a bit more.

Henry Koala, S10741
Henry Koala is a real friend. He will listen and comfort you, give you a hug and be your cushion. He is soft, washable and always there for you.

Mats Bear, S10740
Even though Mats is approx. 40 cm/16 in tall, he is still a small bear. He is good natured, friendly, maybe a little bit naive, but always ready to protect a child.

Carla Sheep, S10739
Carla is a nice, soft sheep worked in Bravo and Bravo Softy – an easy crochet project. She is so cute with her scarf and sweater! Surely there is a child in your life that would be happy to take care of Carla.

Pepe Alpaka, S10738
If you like yarn, you probably also adore alpacas. It´s as simple as that. We crocheted Pepe with the Bravo and Bravo Softy yarn. So underneath his pretty mint-green blanket he is as soft as can be.

Lina Bunny, S10737
Lina is crocheted in Bravo Softy and took us by storm. With her approx. 45 cm/18 in, she is large enough to give her a big hug and so soft that every child will want to do just that.