Schachenmayr Easy Cotton Spritz 50g sorbet
Schachenmayr Easy Cotton ist die Basis für das Colorgarn Easy Cotton Spritz mit Spray Effekt. Mit diesem Allroundgarn in DK-Stärke lassen sich wirklich alle Projekte für die ganze Familie stricken und häkeln. Die runde Garnstruktur ergibt sowohl bei glatten Mustern als auch bei Strukturmustern ein wunderschönes Maschenbild. Der Spray Effekt, bei dem kein Rapport zu beachten ist, erzielt eine aufgelockerte Farbtextur und verlieht dem Garn einen besonders sommerlichen aber doch eleganten Touch. Das klassische Baumwoll-Mischgarn mit einer schönen Zwirnung ist sehr pflegeleicht und formstabil, maschinenwaschbar bei 40 ° C und für den Trockner geeignet.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€99.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr Color Breeze 50g mandalay color
Schachenmayr Color Breeze ist ein lebhaftes Mouliné-Garn mit hohem Baumwollanteil und einer Brise Farbe für komfortable Sommermodelle. Für dieses ausdrucksstarke Sommergarn werden drei unterschiedliche Farben eines Baumwoll- und Polyestergarns mit einer naturfarbenen, zarten Flamme aus Baumwolle verzwirnt. Das Ergebnis ist ein leicht zu verarbeitendes, gleichmäßig und bunt gemustertes Garn, das eine feine Textur hat und sich perfekt für Kinder- und Damenmodelle eignet. Das Garn ist nach Oeko-Tex Standard 100 zertifiziert und erfüllt den MEZgreen-Standard.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€79.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr Duo Multicolore 50g marine
Sustainability can be so diverse. The Duo Multicolore combines not only optical but also technical refinements in compliance with our MEZ Green standards. This classic, round ribbon yarn with a summery, delicate warp construction is easy to work with and, thanks to the two components within the yarn, creates a beautiful effect that makes each model unique. The particularly sustainable viscose, the Eco Vero ™, forms the single-colored basis and the colored cotton sections result in the special, patterned stripes in the model. This yarn is ideal for outerwear and is machine washable.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€139.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr Rugiada 50g schilf
Unser sommerliches Bändchengarn mit schönen, dezenten Glitzer- und Metallic-Effekten, made in Italy. Die intensiv leuchtenden und pastelligen Farben schimmern durch dieses Highlight besonders schön und verleihen den Modellen einen Hauch von Sonnenschein, auch an trüberen Sommertagen. Das Garn lässt sich angenehm verstricken und häkeln. Locker gestrickt ergibt es schöne, luftige und anschmiegsame Modelle, wohingegen es bei festerer Verarbeitung sogar genügend Stand und Halt für eine Tasche erzeugt.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€139.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr Daliya 50g peacock
Schachenmayr Daliya ist ein wunderschönes und ganz außergewöhnliches Effektgarn, das mit unterschiedlichen Materialien, Farben und Texturen spielt. Das Garn verbindet dabei in einer runden Bändchenstruktur verschiedene Farbeffekte und Materialien wie Baumwolle, Polyester und Viskose und setzt partiell kleine Fransenakzente aus Baumwolle. Das macht das Stricken mit Daliya besonders spannend und abwechslungsreich, und ohne aufwändige Muster entstehen eindrucksvolle Modelle für die Sommergarderobe. Daliya erfüllt den MEZgreen-Standard, da mehr als 70 % der Materialien aus nachhaltigen Quellen (recycelt) stammen.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€139.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr Pyramid Cotton 50g petrol
The conditions of Egypt’s climate in the region surrounding the Nile ensure the production of uniquely beautiful and high-quality cotton fibers, year after year. These fibers stand out above all because of their extraordinary length, which allows them to be spun into cotton yarns that are not only extremely soft, but also very durable. In order to preserve this softness, we have decided to completely forgo the mercerization process. But even so, at this high quality, the colors are intense and brilliant. You can enjoy items made with Pyramid Cotton for an especially long time. 100% pure cotton that stays soft and looks almost new even after many wearings and washings. A very classical, round twisted cotton yarn suitable for any knitting project. Especially for outer garments, it produces an excellent appearance in both lace and textured patterns, whether knitted or crocheted.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€99.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Variants from €3.95*
Schachenmayr Cotton Bambulino 50g mohnrot
Cotton Bambulino combines all the properties you need for a classic summer yarn: natural materials like soft cotton, silky viscose bamboo and a touch of linen for a slightly rustic appearance that doesn’t feel scratchy. These three summer fibers are mixed together and spun into a cable-plied yarn, contributing to the slightly rustic touch and creating a beautiful, uniform appearance when knitted, even in stockinette stitch patterns. The yarn’s generous meterage makes it ideal for these light, summery designs. With enchanting little lace and textured pattern details, it produces soft, feminine garments that require a very small amount of yarn.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€95.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr my everyday comfort 50g clematis
Cosiness every day, all year round - that's what my everyday comfort promises! This round tubular cotton yarn is filled with a polyamide core and thus ensures maximum volume with absolute lightness. Simple structural patterns as well as patent patterns are particularly effective with this yarn and even knitted in stockinette stitch you get a very nice knitting result. Ideal for sporty, comfortable outerwear with a sweatshirt look, but also for children's models and home decoration projects, whether knitted or crocheted.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€139.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr Catania Color 50g fudge color
Catania Color is our classic high quality 100% combed and mercerized cotton yarn now available in special color effect prints including stripes, self-patterns and subtle all-over variegated colourways. The lovely pattern repeats are especially effective on tops, cardigans and pullovers. Catania is always a great choice for summery garments and airy accessories, thanks to its cool and light weight comfort.

Schachenmayr my feelgood hemp 50g lime green
Freundin x Schachenmayr goes green! Here hemp shows its special side. Filigree and elegant in appearance, at the same time pleasant on the skin - my feelgood hemp leaves nothing to be desired. Due to the composition of 100% natural materials, such as sustainable organic cotton and lyocell, it is ideal for summer outerwear and crochet models. At the same time, the mixture of materials ensures a slightly changing color intensity with a subtle matt/gloss effect.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€130.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr Bravo Quick&Easy 100g iris
With Bravo Quick & Easy, everybody gets to the finished project quickly and easily. Quick – as the yarn can be knitted fastly thanks to needle size 5 - 6 mm. Easy – as it's easy care and very durable thanks to 100% acrylic. A great yarn also for beginners! Bravo Quick & Easy is available in a range of neutrals, fashion shades and pop colors and ideal for accessories and outdoor garments as well as home decoration like cushions and blankets.

Content: 0.1 Kilogram (€35.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Variants from €1.75*
Schachenmayr Impressione 100g Landscape
Impressione is a colourful blend of superwash virgin wool and polyamide, which adds strength and durability to this soft roving yarn. This exclusive color effect is known for its harmonious color blends, shows a wonderful color brilliancy and gives this special, precious optic to the yarn. Impressione is perfect for shawls and accessories but also for any kind of garments.

Content: 0.1 Kilogram (€135.50* / 1 Kilogram)

€13.55* €16.95* (20.06% saved)
Schachenmayr Tuscany Tweed 50g Jeans
Robust and yet noble. Tuscany Tweed, our tweed yarn from Italy, convinces with high quality and a pleasantly soft feel. A classic tweed yarn with a high wool content. The large color palette offers both basic colors and wearable fashion colors and leaves nothing to be desired. Whether it's rib, texture, cable or multicolored Fairisle patterns, Tuscany Tweed is the right choice. It is versatile for women's, men's and children's garments and accessories.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€190.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr Elegant Mohair 25g rosa
Brilliant colors, an elegant look and pleasantly light to wear. Our roughened fleece yarn with 50% mohair content is extremely soft and very economical due to its fine texture, which is reflected in the small amounts of yarn you will need. Intense shades offer vivid colors thanks to the mohair fibers and can be combined with each other. The results are feather light and cozy. Knitted with two strands, the fluffiness unfolds even more.

Content: 0.025 Kilogram (€250.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr Spotlight on Color 100g dschungel color
With Spotlight on Color you won´t get bored with its beautiful ful color effect. Varied and exciting to knit, the color changes several times within a ball. This effect is simply ideal for outerwear and children´s models that are knitted with changing knitting widths, but of course it is also suitable for accessoires and home decorations that make life more colourful. The roving yarn is easy to knit and has a low yarn consumption.

Content: 0.1 Kilogram (€139.50* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr my color style 50g wintergold
Weich, voluminös und flauschig zart – so lässt sich das neue Garn „my color style“ am besten charakterisieren. Das kuschelweiche Leichtgewicht aus der freundin x Schachenmayr Kollektion wird zu farbenfrohen Pullovern, Accessoires oder Jacken verstrickt, die uns nicht nur fröhlich stimmen, sondern auch wärmen. In einem besonderen, technischen Verfahren werden feine Merino- und Alpakafasern lose in ein fast unsichtbares Polyamid-Netz gefüllt. Das sorgt für die ultra voluminöse, flauschige Oberfläche, gibt aber trotzdem den Fasern den notwendigen Halt und Stabilität. Kuschelfaktor garantiert! Besonders toll – die neuen Lieblingsstücke können trotzdem in der Maschine gewaschen werden.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€159.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr Mohair Dream 150g fire color
Schachenmayr Mohair Dream is a beautiful lace yarn that can be used to create shawls and much more. The full spectrum of colors is immediately visible in these gorgeous fluffy yarn cakes, which are characterized by their eye-catching color gradients, varied effects and colorizations that range from pastel shades to bright hues. The light mohair fluff of the yarn is comfortable on the skin and is expressively brought to life in delicate cardigans, tank tops and even knitted skirts. Intricate patterns are not at all necessary as the beautiful color gradients have an effect on the entire surface. Create a distinctive play of colors by working with multiple strands of Mohair Dream and leave it entirely up to chance how the colors and effects come together. The result is truly breathtaking.

Content: 0.15 Kilogram (€76.67* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr my color style mix 50g stone
Ein voluminöses Garn mit einem schönen weichen Griff und einer etwas angerauten flauschigen Oberfläche.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€170.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr Just Big 100g ziegel
If you are looking for the ideal yarn for quick and voluminous projects, you have found it with Just Big. A mixture of alpaca, wool and acrylic ensures lightness, volume and a soft, fluffy touch. The yarn thickness and construction ensure the necessary stability so that your new favorite pieces stay in shape. Just Big is particularly suitable for simple structured patterns in trendy oversize models such as scarves, hats and cardigans, but also for cozy cushions.

Content: 0.1 Kilogram (€139.50* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr My Big Wool 100g nude
100 % Merino Wolle aus artgerechter Bio-Haltung mit Fokus auf das Tierwohl.

Content: 0.1 Kilogram (€135.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr my winter wonder 50g aqua color
We love mohair and with "my winter wonder" there is also an extra portion of volume with the cuddle factor in beautiful colours. The mohair fibres are shown in two effects, either in flowing, harmonious transitions or in varied stripes.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€210.00* / 1 Kilogram)

Schachenmayr my touch of cashmere 50g pale lime
Herrlich samtweich und zart auf der Haut ist die „my touch of cashmere“ mit edlem Kaschmir und extrafeiner Merinowolle. Ein hochwertiges Allroundgarn aus der freundin x Schachenmayr Kollektion mit einer runden und ebenmäßigen Struktur für Strickteile, die wir am liebsten nicht mehr ausziehen möchten. Die spezielle Fasermischung macht das Garn nicht nur wunderbar weich und angenehm zu tragen, sondern sorgt auch dafür, dass die neuen Lieblingsstücke praktisch und unkompliziert in der Maschine gewaschen werden können.

Content: 0.05 Kilogram (€210.00* / 1 Kilogram)