Chessmaster Socks, R0449


Chessmaster Socks, R0449

Designer name: 
mister masche

Whoever loses the king in the game of chess has lost the game. Therefore, set the “crown yarn” joker and become CHESSMASTER with the sock design from mister masche. He played chess as a child - against others, but also against the computer in the game of the same name - which inspired him to design and name the socks.
CHESSMASTER socks are knit from top to bottom; the squares, reminiscent of a chessboard, are created by knitted and purled segments.
Take a ball of REGIA PREMIUM Silk, Cashmere or Merino Yak or any REGIA 4-ply yarn, open the game and get your king to safety. The instructions include sizes 26/27 to 46/47 and the pattern is absolutely suitable for beginners and families.

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