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Mohair Dream

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Schachenmayr Mohair Dream is a beautiful lace yarn that can be used to create shawls and much more. The full spectrum of colors is immediately visible in these gorgeous fluffy yarn cakes, which are characterized by their eye-catching color gradients, varied effects and colorizations that range from pastel shades to bright hues.
The light mohair fluff of the yarn is comfortable on the skin and is expressively brought to life in delicate cardigans, tank tops and even knitted skirts. Intricate patterns are not at all necessary as the beautiful color gradients have an effect on the entire surface. Create a distinctive play of colors by working with multiple strands of Mohair Dream and leave it entirely up to chance how the colors and effects come together. The result is truly breathtaking.

84% Acrylic8% Mohair8% Wool
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