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Yarns by Schachenmayr

Trendy bouclé yarn from a new generation.

42% Wool

Alpaca Couture’s fur look is the fashion highlight of the new season in the mix&knit collection

Colorful ombré effects for winter favorites

75% Acrylic25% Virgin Wool

Merino meets gentle sheen - the mix&knit yarn for special accents

50% Virgin Wool50% Nylon
Limited edition

Delicate, enchanting colors. A shawl with subtle color gradation

40% Acrylic30% Polyamide20% Wool10% Alpaca

Easy-care and machine washable - a well-known all-purpose yarn

Classic sock yarn in a wide spectrum of colors - for heavier weight socks and accessories

Feet so warm, colors so bright - 8-ply multi-colored yarn for amazing colorful comfort!

Feather light and super economical - this yarn feels like warm summer wind on your skin

45% Polyamide30% Alpaca25% Wool

Great basic pure wool yarn: easy-care, a wide color palette and beautiful in any texture

100% Virgin Wool

An amazing blend of wool and Tencel allows your handmade designs to shine in full color

Classic sock yarn in self-patterned colorways - for heavier weight socks and accessories


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