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The ribbon yarn creates a beautiful effect for unique projects.

70% Viscose30% Cotton
Limited edition

Fluffy and supercosy to enjoy the winter

70% Acrylic12% Polyester9% Wool9% Viscose

The star in our collection

64% Viscose36% Alpaca

Robust and yet noble.

55% Wool30% Viscose15% Alpaca

The perfect summer choice made with natural materials

60% Cotton30% Viscose10% Linen

A brilliant, glittering introduction for our Dinora

45% Polyester36% Viscose19% Cotton
Limited edition

With a natural shimmer like Silk!

70% Cotton30% Viscose
Limited edition

Cozy, fluffy, XXL.

95% Virgin Wool5% Viscose

Our new allrounder for cosy winter designs

64% Viscose25% Acrylic11% Wool

REGIA PREMIUM BAMBOO - So light and carefree!

45% Wool30% Viscose25% Polyamide
Limited edition

As playful as the summer

70% Cotton30% Viscose
Limited edition

In the summertime...

53% Cotton33% Viscose14% Linen

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