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Denim can be casual and sustainable – and also especially enjoyable to knit with. Denim Tweed — part of our MEZ Green series — contains predominantly recycled materials. The cotton portion is sourced from textile scraps from denim production, while the polyester comes from recycled PET bottles. This mixture produces a yarn containing small nubs of colored fiber like those familiar to us from classic tweed fabrics. In order to provide the necessary stability and appearance, the yarn is wound around with a soft polyamide thread. Working with this fine yarn requires a little patience, but your efforts will be rewarded, and the cool, comfortable feeling of the fabric is sure to make these designs your summer favorites. It’s not only very light; the meterage is also very generous: only 400 g are needed for a woman’s pullover in size M.

For an even, harmonious color distribution, we recommend working alternately with two balls. There are always two rows with one and then two rows with the other ball. Make the ball change at the beginning of the row, bringing the thread of the ball upwards for knitting/crocheting behind the thread of the now resting ball. When working in rounds, the ball change can be made in each round. If you now look at the result on the entire surface of the work, the desired, uniform shade results.

88% Cotton7% Polyester5% Polyamide
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