Color Print Yarns


Important information for working with Schachenmayr color print yarns – for best results and an even pattern progression


Variegated, self-patterning yarns are printed with a certain color repeat. In other words, due to production conditions, they change color at regular intervals. Depending on the number of stitches being worked, it may happen that the same color change always happens at the same place on the knit piece. This may result in unintentional patterns of spots or stripes of the various colors on the knit surface. This effect (also called “pooling”) is usually undesirable and can be easily avoided.


Here’s how

To achieve an even distribution of color and pattern, alternate two balls of yarn when working. Begin each ball at a different position of the color repeat. Then always alternate working two rows with one ball then two rows with the second ball. Change balls at the beginning of a row and draw the new working yarn up, behind the preceding working yarn. When working in rounds, the change of working yarns can be made in every round. With this method, the color and pattern will be evenly distributed over the entire knit surface.



Of course, this doesn’t apply to Schachenmayr variegated yarns with intentional color repeats which are designed especially to create even effects such as stripes or Fair Isle-type patterns. For these yarns, the following still applies: Just start knitting – the pattern is automatically created by the yarn.




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