REGIA Guarantee

The 10 year guarantee applies for all balls of Schachenmayr REGIA which carry the guarantee seal on their wrappers. This guarantee is based on decades of experience by our customers and employees and also on constant testing by our quality control. We have complete confidence in the quality of our sock yarn and pass this trust in our product on to our customers, in the form of this guarantee.
REGIA guarantee provisions
You have chosen Schachenmayr REGIA, a special quality product with over 65 years of tradition and production experience. The carefully selected, special virgin wool blend guarantees the unique quality of Schachenmayr REGIA.
Schachenmayr REGIA has 4 advantages:
- good shape retention
- extremely long lasting
- machine washable up to 40° C (100° F), non-felting
- can be machine dried

Schachenmayr REGIA will fulfill all demands on its quality after purchase, after washing, and after wearing  or we will replace it with new REGIA yarn. If you should ever have the impression that REGIA is not meeting the quality standards, you will receive a free replacement (color according to availability). The length of this guarantee is 10 years, beginning with the purchase of the sock yarn, and applies throughout the world. Neither the guarantee rights of the consumer resulting from the sales contract with the vendor nor the legal rights are limited by this guarantee.



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