Easy Start


What is Easy Start?


For all those who prefer to begin their knitting or crocheting project with the yarn end which lies on the outer side of the ball, this yarn end is usually very easy to find. Those, however, who prefer to pull the yarn from the center of the ball are surely well-acquainted with one problem: The inner yarn end must first be found before the pleasure of knitting or crocheting can begin – and often the ball itself suffers in the process.
Easy Start, the unique innovation from Schachenmayr, makes the irritating hunt for the inner yarn end a thing of the past. The name says it all – on all Easy Start yarns, the inner end is attached, easily-visible, to the yarn wrapper. Simply pick up the yarn end and the work on your project can begin.


What are the advantages of Easy Start?


The biggest advantage of working from the inside is that the ball of yarn remains right where you place it. This can be especially important if you are knitting or crocheting while travelling, when a rolling ball can be very impractical.
In the case of REGIA Pairfect, starting with the yarn from the center actually is a MUST in order to achieve two identical socks. Therefore the Easy Start helps you to get your pair of pairfect socks!
In addition, working from the inside means that the wrapper can remain on the REGIA Pairfect yarnball, which helps keep the ball in form, to the end. Try it for yourself!


Which yarns have an Easy Start?


All of the Schachenmayr Original yarns from the Merino Extrafine family and also the editions of REGIA Pairfect yarns are provided with this ingenious yarn end finder. Just look for the word Easy Start on the wrapper.







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