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Be creative with ARNE & CARLOS!

Mandalas – that sounds playful, cheerful, and colorful, especially when ARNE & CARLOS pick up their crochet hooks and design artistic mandalas with Schachenmayr Catania yarn. Mandalas have a special meaning – magic or religious – in Hinduism and Buddhism. The word itself is of Sanskrit origin and means circle. The five mandalas that ARNE & CARLOS created with shades selected from the 80 colors of the Catania palette – such as Gold, Sand, Weinrot, Orchidee and Royal – are all circular. They have a wide range of uses, for decorating or as fashion elements. The colorful eye-catchers are sure to conjure up a good mood, as coasters on a glass table, as a wall decoration or appliquéd on cushions or blankets, or on a bag for summer. Just start crocheting and the mandala will grow, round by round, to become a bright, cheerful work of art – and the work is a wonderful way to relax.

Have fun crocheting!


Mandala Video-Tutorial with ARNE & CARLOS: click image

Schachenmayr Catania

























Mandala Video Tutorial with ARNE & CARLOS > click image above



About the Designers

Their work is exhibited in museums, they write books about their artistic crafts, and for MEZ they develop unique designs and yarns. The very successful cooperation between the two designers, ARNE & CARLOS, and Schachenmayr is exclusive and unparalleled. Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison are textile designers. Their knit creations, inspired by traditional Norwegian patterns, have made them stars on the creative scene. Their ARNE & CARLOS label, founded in 2002, and also their books are so popular that they travel with them, around the world – always knitting, of course.


Read more about ARNE & CARLOS in our Designer Profile.


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