Kinda Magic Sock Yarn



REGIA is pleased to announce a brand-new release, one that will make the perfect gift to discover in a stocking this year... A collection of unique leopard print self-patterning socks! - it's magic!

The "KINDA MAGIC SOCK YARN" has been carefully developed, combining REGIA’s textile expertise with WOOL AND THE GANG’s fun and fashion-forward approach to design. The results are a color explosion of five different colorways:

Pink Paws, Candy Claws, Feline Good Green, Purfect Purple, and the classic tan leopard print, Cool Cat


These socks are the puuurfect gifts for the knitting enthusiast and fashion sock lover. Each one needs to be knitted with a rib and stocking stitch, so they’re more of an advanced difficulty level - ideal for those looking for a challenging sock project over the holidays! 

What makes these little kittens so special is that the pattern is all contained in just one magic ball of yarn, which rolls out to the perfect leopard print socks - the perfect way to step into 2018!

Why it is for experienced sock knitters only:


• Tension is super important in this pattern. - A small difference in tension could throw off the design!


• No one person knits exactly the same way, so for the KINDA MAGIC SOCK YARN knitters might need a few chances to get the tension spot on. - So experiment until you’ve got it.


• Once the knitter has figured out the correct tension, she can show off her socks knitting know-how by concentrating on becoming the ultimate knitting master.

  • • As a knitter new to socks knitting, you might want to get used to socks knitting techniques with one of our REGIA effects, where tension is not so important to receive the desired design.



How to knit the KINDA MAGIC SOCKS:


• This design only works with a cast on of 60 stitches.


• The 80g ball is for socks in sizes 36 to 41.


• This sock is worked from the cuff down, working as a tube, then one will add the heel in at the end.


• The heel and toe are worked in the same way, making things a little easier.

• To help the knitter further, the beginning of the yarn is marked with EASY START on the ball band.


• And to help getting the correct tension, a small stripe section in stocking stitch is added. It is important that the stripe should be exactly 1 round of knitting, if it is longer than 1 round, the knitter should go up a needle size. If it is shorter than 1 round, you should go down a needle size.


• Once in the main section, the knitter will see the leopard print spots appear as she works. If the leopard print design is leaning to the left, she is knitting too tightly, if they are leaning to the right she is knitting too loosely.





How To Video Tutorials "Playlist KINDA MAGIC SOCK YARN" click >here<


Now you know for sure:

KINDA MAGIC is one tough cookie. Her self-patterning nature means she works her magic as she goes. You can concentrate on becoming the ultimate knitting master and she will do the rest. Make something unique to you!


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