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Hygge-ly at home
Cozy wool socks are simply a blessing for our feet, bringing warmth and comfort, especially during the coldest season of the year. For the people of Denmark, they top the list – next to candlelight and fragrant tea – of items which contribute to ‘hygge’, the special Danish enjoyment of life.

REGIA offers a huge selection of yarns for knitting wonderfully cozy socks and also practical supplies with which socks can be easily turned into slipper socks. Even children playing on slippery floors will keep their feet on the ground when they are wearing skid-free socks, made with the help of REGIA ABS Latex or ABS iron-on slide-stoppers. And everyone’s feet will stay comfortably warm, even on unheated floors, when they are protected by socks with REGIA leather soles.


REGIA supplies – presented by Maschenfein
Marisa from ‘Maschenfein’ was always lovingly provided with hand-knit socks by her grandmother – who also taught her to knit when she was a child. Now her own children also prefer to run around the house with bare feet or wearing only socks. To make sure that her children can play safely and without a care, Marisa is a fan of skid-free socks and other alternatives to standard house shoes.
In our instruction video, Marisa shows you how to make your own skid-free socks or slipper socks

Please find more product information here: leather soles, ABS Latex, ABS iron-on brake stops  

Slipper Socks with Leather Soles 

Slipper socks are a fantastic cross between socks and slippers. Ours are knit with REGIA 6-ply yarn, then finished with the addition of flexible leather soles of cowhide leather. Marisa demonstrates two different ways to attach the soles. They can be sewn to the socks with cross stitches, either using the yarn with which the socks were knit or using a contrasting color. For an especially decorative effect, a border can be crocheted before the soles are sewn to the socks. By the way, the leather soles are washable in cold or cool water (30° C).


How to attach Leather Soles with Marisa (Video in German language)


Cozy socks with anti-slide stoppers

Non-slip socks are very popular, especially for children. Instead of buying them ready-made, you can add anti-slide stoppers to your own hand-knit socks. Here again Marisa demonstrates two possibilities. The more creative option is offered by REGIA ABS Latex. This Latex milk comes in three different colors. It can be painted on the soles of your hand-knit socks, in darling designs, either free-hand or with the help of a template. As a faster alternative, REGIA ABS iron-on, stopper pads come in different colors and designs and can be ironed in place in no time at all.


How to slipper socks with Marisa (Video in German language)


Free Pattern




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