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The 38-year-old Christina is the person behind yippieyippieyarn – she lives deep in the heart of East Frisia with her husband and her two kids aged 6 and 9. Christina is a self-taught crocheter and has been crocheting since November 2013. She saw a crochet project and wanted to replicate it – thankfully, it turned out great, otherwise her wonderful blog and Instagram-Feed wouldn´t exist!

Favorite Schachenmayr yarn: definitely Catania

Your blog has been online for more than a year now. Happy Anniversary! When you started, was it your intention that the blog turned out the way it did or did you have other plans?

I didn´t have any conceptions, to be honest; though one thing I was sure about, and that is that the main aspect would be crocheting. But I really didn´t expect that other people would read my blog, but that´s the case and I am really happy about that *laughs*. I like seeing crocheted replicas made from my patterns – modified versions are also very fascinating. I share those replicas in my story highlights and by now there are so many that I need another story highlight. I had thought that maybe it´s like a creative journal that I would be keeping – by now, it has an external impact and I never expected that to happen, but it is developing into a very nice direction, and I am really happy about that!

What are your personal needlework goals?

Wow, that´s a great question. I would definitely like to try Tunisian crochet. My sister showed me the basics, but until now I have not had the time or leisure to work on it, but I am really looking forward to it. And I would also like to get more knitting experience.

What fascinates you the most about crocheting and what don´t you like at all?

Crocheting is sort of therapeutic for me, it calms me, helps me to process ideas and stressful situations from everyday life and to bring some calm into the daily routine, it also calms me down. I mostly crochet in the evenings, then I have the opportunity to review the day – that grounds me and calms me down so much. Most of the time, I crochet Amigurumis and they often consist of dozens of small pieces, to sew them together can be very annoying.

You are very creative – you do a lot of crafting, you can handle a punch needle and you´re a crocheter. What would you still like to learn and how do you accommodate all these hobbies so that you still have ample time for yourself and your family?

I would really like to learn how to knit, definitely! I love crocheting, that will always be the No.1 topic for me. I would like to expand my needle punching skills. Initially, I began with embroidery, though that wasn´t of any interest to me for many years, but that´s beginning to change. Modern embroidery designs are coming back, with some cheeky sayings, and that makes me want to do more of it. As far as time is concerned: It´s all about a very, very good time management, when I crochet, I most often do that in the evening. I work during the day and spend time with my family. The evenings are spent crocheting and working on my blog. I try to keep them somewhat separate to make it work.

My husband really helps me a lot – hats off for him, he really supports me in daily life. He does the shopping, works in the garden and he is the one doing the cooking and he is good at it *laughs*. That makes my life so much easier, in the evenings we sit and talk about all kinds of things while I am crocheting. I am very happy that he supports me like he does, otherwise my hobby wouldn´t be possible.

Do you sometimes need time out from all your crafty hobbies? If so, what do you do then?

Honestly: no *laughs*. I can have something in my hands 365 days a year and be creative and that´s a good thing. No matter whether I am punch needling, crafting or crocheting. I can´t imagine being without it, I need it. It compensates everything else.

Which project are you particularly proud of?

About two years ago, I made a crocheted jacket for my son, with a fox look to it. The instructions had errors, nothing really fit together even though I made a gauge swatch. I was close to throwing it into a corner, even though usually I am a patient yarn crafter. I just made something of my own out of it, I knew how to do that. And then it really turned into a fox jacket and my son was happy – I created my own thing that is not at all Amigurumi. I am proud that I accomplished that and didn´t give up.

What do you prefer: designing yourself or working with pattern instructions?

I like following a pattern, but now I also do a lot of designing myself – most of the time I now work without a pattern and try to work things out myself, writing down the design. I like doing both.

What is your recommendation to those people that would like to start designing and, most important, how did this come about for you?

There wasn´t that single moment where I thought “this doesn´t exist yet“ – in the segment of Amigurumis there are so many fabulous, different and creative interpretations of various topics and you can´t redesign the wheel. When a friend had a baby, I wanted to give her a rattle in a bird design as a gift, but I found nothing that I liked 100 %. So I started crocheting my own and thought “look, I can do that, write it down“ – the instructions for the bird rattle haven´t been published yet, I should do that sometime soon. For me, it is helpful if I draw the objects that I have in mind. Then I erase them x-times and redraw them, turn them around and draw again and at some point, I like what I see and then I try to meticulously work what I put on paper – just in a 3D-format and with a crochet hook and yarn. My tip: try to visualize what is in your creative imagination and if you like the drawing, then attempt to replicate it with a hook and yarn.

Last but not least: how did your name come about?

Yippiyippieyarn is a variation of a song from my favorite group Deichkind: Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah) and I love the song! And anyway, I am always having a party with my crochet hook and the yarn *laughs*.



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