Schachenmayr Anniversary - 200 years



Schachenmayr 200 years


The History of Schachenmayr


As versatile as our yarns are and what can be crafted from them, the history of our company is equally diverse. Schachenmayr was founded in 1822 – the cast on, so to speak, the first row. Since then, many rows were added and also come color changes (since 2020, MEZ Crafts is our new home). Old patterns haven proven their efficiency, but new ones also have their justification. Sometimes we had to frog our yarn, but the “knitted fabric”, the brand Schachenmayr, continues to grow.
Maybe because the common thread was never cut during the 200 years spanning a diverse history: our love for needlework and crafting, quality and beautiful design. Which is why we will launch new products, new colors, new events – even during our anniversary year. And to see what you make with our products is what inspires us. And to stick with the image of a knitted fabric: we are not considering to cast off any time soon. Instead, we are ready for the next skein. It´s ready and waiting.
If you would like to learn more about 200 years of Schachenmayr, how a small yarn spinning mill in southern Germany evolved into a popular brand for hand knitting yarns, then follow the common thread back into the past.




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