Ethno Look


Ethno Look - a trend inspired by cultural encounters

In our increasingly globalized world, we experience the most varied influences from each of the continents.

Travellers depart on a search for unique encounters and cultural experiences. The smartphone makes intercultural networks possible, with just one tap on a touch screen. A kind of cultural DNA occurs which is increasingly shared and which is experienced as a global connection.



Design is also correspondingly sophisticated. It takes inspiration from various mulitcultural sources and combines them to a new form.

Generally speaking, collective influences and design inspirations from distant lands as well as a focus on traditional crafts, such as batik and basket weaving, are essential aspects of the trend topic, “cultural encounters”. Diverse cultural aspects are combined artistically to creat

e an individual style and a unique identity.


Materials & appearance

As far as materials are concerned, the focus lies on natural plant fibers, such as cotton.

The central elements of the appearance are irregular textures, ribbon and chain structures, a light sheen or washed-out indigo effects, ombré color gradients and batik shadings, graphic forms and prints, and also intensive, saturated colors.


Click on the title to get to the free patterns: Designs Stool Cover, W9965 I  Pillow, W9964 I Pot Holders, W9968 I Flower Pot Cover, W9967


Home decorating with Ethno Look - our design ideas for the trend

We took up the topic of “cultural encounters” for home decorating with Ethno Look and created five crochet designs exclusively for your home. Here the natural colors of the tape yarn, Journey, meet stripes and graphic patterns reminiscent of far-away places and foreign cultures. 

Set exotic accents with these accessories for your home and create your own individual style of living!


Yarns for the trend - standard range and innovations

Of course, the popular Ethno Look can also be wonderfully interpreted for clothing and accessories. We expanded our product range by the addition of several exciting new yarns which fit the trend, giving you the choice among a large selection of yarns. Turn your personal intercultural encounters into creative, one-of-a-kind garments and accessories or browse here for the perfect instructions for Catania and more!



The popular cotton yarns in the Catania family offer almost everything which plays a key role for this trend:

Catania, Catania Grande, and Catania Fine: an unbelievably diverse color palette and delicate sheen, thanks to mercerization

- Catania Color: the look of batik patterns and also hand-printed effects

- Catania Denim: faded indigo coloring

- Catania Flammé: irregular texture



This fine cotton yarn pairs intensive colors with a wonderful ombré effect and is now available in trendy new shades.



The name of this tape yarn with cotton blend suits the trend perfectly, as does the special coloring – the slightly variegated structure creates an irregular, faded look and the shades appear wonderfully natural.


Batiko Sun

Powerful color gradients, a subtle sheen, and the exotic feel of this yarn makes it perfectly suited to the latest trend.


Bravo Tropical Color –  new, limited edition

This yarn combines the intensive worlds of color from exciting cultures with a variegated effect which results in an amost graphic look.


Micro Ethno Color –  new, limited edition

Names like “Mali Color” indicate that this yarn is inspired by the colors and cultures of Africa – and the subtle sheen also supports the trend wonderfully.


Ikaria –  new, limited edition

This lightweight summer yarn is a blend of cotton and acrylic which pairs a chain structure with fresh plays of color, created by the special Caipo print technique. In other words, Ikaria meets the trend perfectly.


Sadira –  new, limited edition

Like something from the “Tales of Arabian Nights", this multi-component yarn is a blend of cotton and acrylic with an excitingly irregular structure and shiny metallic effects, thanks to an integrated Lurex strand – like a breeze from the Orient.



We wish you lots of joy with your needlework!



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