Catania Crochet Along 2020 #cataniasummerstripes



We’re crocheting a bright and colorful summer – from July 1st through 31st
in the first Catania Crochet Along #cataniasummerstripes 


Stripes are a classic pattern – whether you choose a rainbow of color or a monochromatic look, come along and join the Schachenmayr community as we crochet blankets, pillows, and bags together. The pattern for our popular crocheted blanket S9406 Summerstripes Plaid provides basic instructions and allows for easy variation. Single crochet, double crochet, cluster stitches – get ready to mix it up! Crochet fans can combine patterns and colors to craft their own unique creations from the extensive Catania color palette.
We use 8 different shades for the crochet blanket and you can select your favourites from more than 100 Catania solids and Catania Color. The exact amount of balls you will find in our instructions. 

The Schachenmayr team made same samples for color combinations and will be using the following color variations in the instructions for the CAL. All of the colors we used 
Mexiko - 105 natur, 113 violett, 114 cyclam, 249 gold, 281 orange, 391 petrol, 406 schlamm, 432 tiffany

Fresh - 105 natur, 124 marine, 205 apfel, 245 anis, 253 jade, 261 regatta, 385 mint, 201 jean color

Pop - 100 mimose, 105 natur, 114 cyclam, 189 jaffa, 205 apfel, 222 orchidee, 242 stein, 432 tiffany

Blau - 173 hellblau, 180 serenity, 247 wolke, 261 regatta, 384 capri, 397 türkis, 420 monaco, 422 lavendel

Stripes, so easy and minimalistic when using different patterns instead of different colors. The best is saved for last: you have to weave in less ends and you only need 20 balls of yarn for the summerstripes plaid. Make your summerstripes in a natural look using shade 105 of Catania.

S9406 Schachenmayr Catania Summerstripes PlaidCataniaCal Crochet Along 2020  #cataniasummerstripes Farbkombinationen
We’ll be setting out with Fanny from yarn around the world* to advertise and follow the CAL on our social media channels. She made her summerstripes bag in soft pastels and will share a version using only 4 different colors for those who may not like too much leftovers (by the way we do not believe that someone has no idea how to use leftovers of Catania...)
This is her selection: 
Bag made with 8 shades: 432 tiffany, 222 orchidee, 173 hellblau, 106 weiß, 385 mint, 246 rosa, 422 lavendel, 403 vanille
Bag made with 4 shades: 173 hellblau, 423 vintage, 402 reseda, 399 malve


Fanny mit #cataniasummerstripes Tasche in 8 PastellfarbenStil #cataniasummerstripes Bag in 4 PastellfarbenFanny mit #cataniasummerstripes Tasche in 4 Pastellfarben

Material needed:

Depending on the project we have used between 4 and 24 balls. 
Four shades and one ball each is needed for the bag. The cushion (50x50 cm) is made in 8 shades and you will need 11 balls (5 shades/1 ball and 3 shades 2 balls each).
All details about the materials of the plaid can be found in the free pattern download but you will need 24 ball in total. We recommend to use 3 balls per shade and follow your own color sequence. Ensure to save one ball in your favorite color for the edge. 
The plaid is made with a hook size 4 to make it smoother, the cushions and the bag are crocheted with a hook size 3.

And  for sure you may use your Catania stash and leftovers as this is a perfect scrappy project.  


Will you join our first Catania CAL and enjoy Catania summerstripes projects totgehter with us and other Catania lovers?

Share your progress and photo with us on Instagram. Be sure to add the hashtag #cataniasummerstripes and to link to @schachenmayr and @yarnaroundtheworld  so we can find it easily. And feel free to use our graphic. 
You can find the Summerstripes pattern also on Ravelry: Plaid, Cushion and Bag

We are excited to crochet along with the fantastic Catania Community!



CataniaCAL #summerstripes Count me inCataniaCAL #summerstripes ik doe mee




*Fanny Mitula, crochet book author and blogger, is plagued by a constant case of wanderlust – and she never forgets to bring along a bag, or a backpack, full of yarn. She meets other crafting enthusiasts on her travels to glean new inspiration.
Yarn around the World  - Blog  ~ VBlog auf YouTube ~ Instagram


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