1. HYGGE-Knitting-Event

1. HYGGE-Knitting-Event



Germany's 1. Hygge-Knitting-Event


The term ‘hygge’ is Danish and refers to a very special attitude toward life that has made Denmark the country with the happiest citizens in the world.

Knitting is ‘hygge’ and knitting together is purest ‘hygge’ because everything is better in a group. Last year, the Schachenmayr-Team visited The State Textile and Industry Museum in Augsburg, Germany, together with ARNE & CARLOS. At the time, it seemed to us that the museum would be the perfect spot for a knitting get-together. 

Our video captured many wonderful moments from the 1st Hygge Knitting Event. Watch the video and enjoy the ‘hygge’ feeling. You can find more photos and reports at #hyggestrickeventaugsburg



Many thanks to Thorsten Duit, who filmed untiringly during the event and then put together this wonderful video for us. He didn’t get out his own knitting until very late in the day and then he was the only knitting man of the evening. 



At Schachenmayr’s 1st Hygge Knitting Event, approximately 150 knitting fans congregated in the State Textile and Industry Museum in Augsburg, Germany to knit together and enjoy the congenial atmosphere. A ticket for the event included entrance to the museum. There were mechanical looms in action and a special exhibit included an 80-year-old crocheted blouse – worked following original Schachenmayr instructions from 1935.
Everyone was welcomed with a gift – a goodie bag, filled with everything that passionate knitters need. 
The motto, ‘Hygge’, could be seen everywhere. ‘Hygge’ is Danish. Freely translated it means comfort and contentment and indulging in all the good things and people in life. Of course, that includes knitting.

For example, during an exciting workshop program, experts explained the secrets of patchwork knitting, as demonstrated by delicate wrist-warmers, which were then immediately knit by the participants. The next workshop taught the art of Tunisian crochet. Fair Isle – knitting with several colors – was the topic here. Thanks to the bulky yarn, successful results quickly materialized. Many fell instantly in love with the sheep cushion – and immediately began knitting the bramble stitch.
All workshops took place several times during the day and the Pick & Pom Station was constantly busy.
These are passement buttons, demonstrated by Helene Weinold from the ‘Knopfwerkstatt’. Threads in different colors are wrapped around a wooden center, to create real eye-catchers. 

But there was also plenty of time for breaks. Everyone laughed, chatted, and just relaxed while enjoying delicious food. Late in the evening the 1st Hygge Event came to a convivial end.

Thanks for the great support: addi, Brigitte kreativ, Der Zuckerbäcker, Eika Kerzen, Handmadekultur, Hygge Magazin, Milford and Prym.




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