A suitcase full of Regia sock yarn 2020


Banner zum Instagram Fotowettbewerb Ein Koffer voll REGIA 2020 mit Travelite


True REGIA fans wear their handknits the entire year. We knew that even before last year's  photo challenge. It was such a joy to see all these sock photos taken all over the world that there was no doubt we would do it again.


Just like last summer, you are to take cheerful, unusual, sunny sock photos and post them on Instagram. Everyone who participates will take part in a drawing for – attention! – not just one, but TWO fancy travelite-suitcases. Each of the two suitcases comes with a different stuffing, depending on the task at hand.


Those past weeks and months have changed not only us but the world. Things won't go back to normal anytime soon, no matter who much we'd like this to happen. So, let's make the best out of what we have. Show us how you managed to create occasional timeouts within your daily routine: Vacation in "Balconia" perhaps, or a cozy family breakfast, or parlor games on the living room carpet on a rainy weekend. If hand-knitted socks are in the picture, you qualify for the suitcase "REGIAWeekendColor".


The second suitcase is called "REGIAOfficeColor". For this one, we like to see how your precious hand-knitted socks get you through the day, when working at home and from home. This can be the moment you put your feet up for a well-deserved break, it can be speedy feet on a staircase, running to get the mail from downstairs or feet under a table during a video conference. None of this has to correspond to your actual working day - put on your most beautiful pair of socks made of REGIA yarns and let your imagination run wild. 


We're so much looking forward to your pictures! 


How to enter the challenge? Official rules and regulations are here.



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