SOCKtober 2019



Finally SOCKtober! – did you see it on social media during the past few days as well?


SOCKtober… just what is that supposed to be? Something of a new beginning, the start of a new season. Summer is definitely over, it´s getting colder and even those who have been knitting less over the last few months are „back to their needles“. Socks not only knit up quickly, they also offer seemingly endless possibilities for variations or even trying out something new: toe-up or top-down, monochromatic or in several colors, just plain old socks or with a pretty pattern. Nice small projects to keep for yourself or give as a gift. And when the name of the month and the project are as much of a perfect match as socks and October, Socktober becomes self-explanatory.


Though the story of its origin is actually a different one: Brad Montague, an American, came up with the idea eight years ago in October 2011. He noticed the increasing number of homeless people in his hometown and decided to help them. His research revealed that socks were among the clothing items that were rarely donated but the homeless desperately needed once it got colder outside. So he began by giving socks. With every pair he gave to a homeless person, he wished them "Happy Socktober!", capturing this on video and uploading the clips on the internet.


Soon others approached him, also wanting to help. Little by little, the SOCKtober became internationally famous and now all across the world people are engaging during the month of October to help people in need in their cities or local areas (if you would like to read the original story, you can do so here:


So it was only a question of time until knitters discovered SOCKtober. Though not always for charitable purposes, but also as a gift to themselves or others.


Of course we will also participate during SOCKtober 2019! There are two projects in particular we would like to introduce you to: the #KrönchenKAL in cooperation with Frickelcast and Lilientinte´s charity campaign "warm baby feet – warm heart“).


The name of the #KrönchenKAL has its origin with our REGIA PREMIUM yarns, within the community often lovingly called „the little crown yarn“. The idea behind it is to knit (or crochet) socks from one of the five PREMIUM yarns – PREMIUM Silk & Silk Color, Merino Yak, Alpaca Soft or Bamboo – between October 1-31 and then to show them on social media channels. Those who participate and mark the pictures so that we can find them (@schachenmayr @frickelcast #KrönchenKAL) will take part in the competition.


You can find further information and the terms of participation on the blogs by Feierabendfrickeleien and Jane ( You can win two yarn packs, each consisting of 5 balls of Premium – one contains green shades, the other seasonal colors of autumn.


We have compiled our best sock instructions here – from plain socks to ringlets to lace patterns.




The second project, the Lilientinte charity, was started by Simone. Because some pregnancies, for a number or reasons, don´t always proceed as hoped both for mother and baby. That was the case for Simone, which is why Simone is asking to provide these mothers with some warmth by giving baby socks and a hand written note. There is also a prize for this project –what exactly you can win will be disclosed by Simone week after week.


Everything else, the backdrops, terms of participation and instructions, can be found on Simone´s blog and on her Instagram-Account. Additional instructions for baby socks can be found here .


If you would like to participate in any of these projects – or maybe combining them would be an idea, knitting baby socks with one of our PREMIUM yarns – please don´t forget to link us on Facebook or Instagram with @schachenmayr and the appropriate hashtag (#KrönchenKAL or #LilientinteCharity or both).


Knit something, give it as a gift or donate whatever you want to the person of your choice. Let´s all have warm feet and warm hearts during SOCKtober! We are looking forward to your pictures!





Text: Carina (Instagram: hklmonster





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