#blackforestcrafts - Vol. I


Today, Claire will review the first MEZ-blogger event. She is a fashion student and explores social media channels for Schachenmayr as #claire_erclairt.
It was a weekend in mid-October when we and 16 knitting bloggers hosted a meeting in our showroom. The day´s motto was #blackforestcrafts and if your curiosity has now been piqued, have a look at this this video:


An entire day in yarn paradise


#blackforestcrafts - Willkommen bei der MEZ GmbH

It was a beautiful day in October when we waited for the bloggers we had invited, as on this Saturday the first Schachenmayr blogger event took place. After adding the finishing touches to the showroom and making the first short videos, the first guest arrived. Ute of „Heute strick ich“ with her bold pullover and a radiant mood entered the room. Shortly after, other bloggers arrived. Aside from Ute, the other attendees were Julia of  „feinmotorik.blogspot“, who kept our followers up to date on Instagram, Thorsten of  „just-duit“, Barbara from „Sockshype“, Stefanie from „Feierabendfrickeleien“ and Janine from „Jetzt kocht sie auch noch“, who cooperate for the podcast "Frickelcast“ Catharina from „Ducathi“, Kerstin from „Stine und Stich“, Rike from „Rosa P.“, Marco from “Knittikus“, Jasmin from „Mein gehäkeltes Herz“, Alice from „Brezelbutter“, Andrea from „Einschlafzauber“, Kirsten from „La Wollbindung“, Helena from „Helenas Handarbeiten“ and Miki from „Knitting-Miki“.


After everyone had said their initial hellos, we began with the introductions, then the coworkers from MEZ provided some insights into their field of work. Iris, for example, explained about the new Mix & Knit concept that enables all knitters and crocheters to personalise the designs by individually choosing and combining yarns. What makes this work? The same needle size and same gauge. Next on the agenda were interesting presentations about how a new yarn evolves. Alina shared how she researches trends, visits countless fairs and all the other things that are necessary to develop a new yarn. Julia also delved into this topic and explained how multi-coloured sock yarn is manufactured. This was followed by the presentation of the new REGIA PREMIUM yarns. Ilona showed us the new sock yarns with silk and merino blended with yak and alpaca. Which was great, since later in the day we were able to work with this yarn. After another interesting presentation – Pia reported on quality management – the newly launched fabrics, MEZfabrics, were showcased. 


#blackforestcrafts - Das Blogger-Event#blackforestcrafts - MEZfabrics#blackforestcrafts - MEZ Familie















#blackforestcrafts - just-duit & Knitting_MikiAnd then finally the time had arrived – we were able to explore, touch and experiment. All yarns were admired, photographed and filmed. But it didn´t end there, the showroom also offered a spacious do-it-yourself area. With the help of the Pick&Pom tool, guests could create a „Bollenhut-Fascinator“ or design a #blackforestcrafts bag. There was no limit to our imagination and everyone was busy crafting. Among others, Thorsten („just-duit“) and Miki („knitting-miki“) captured everything on film and interviewed the attendees so they could share everything with their YouTube followers.


And before we knew it, it was five o´clock in the afternoon and the bloggers headed to the Hotel Silberkönig in the Elztal. During our dinner together, there was surprise in store, as crime novel author Anne Grießer had also been invited. Her reading of two Black Forest stories between courses added additional excitement. While listening, the sound of knitting needles could be heard and, of course, even as this creative and informative day was coming to an end, there was a lot of shoptalk going on, focusing on stitches and yarn. 



To add some #blackforestcrafts mood to your home, we are offering the instructions for the fashionable Bollenhut-Fascinator and the functional 
Project-Bag for free!


#blackforestcrafts - Das Blogger-Event#blackforestcrafts - Das Blogger-Event#blackforestcrafts - Claire und Frau Feinmotorik#blackforestcrafts - Das Blogger-Event


#blackforestcrafts - Das Blogger-Event#blackforestcrafts - Das Blogger-Event#blackforestcrafts - Das Blogger-Event#blackforestcrafts - Das Blogger-Event

Photos: Marina of foto-mediadesign.de

We would like to thank the companies who have kindly sponsored the materials, addi, prym and frechverlag.


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