Pick&Pom and Tasselinchen


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Pompoms and tassels are indispensable in the international world of fashion, they are an essential part of boho style, and now they have been discovered by the creative DIY scene. Here the motto is, the more - and the more colorful - the better. And now this is very easy to do, with the help of ‘Pick&Pom’ and ‘Tasselinchen’.  


Pick & Pom - nine pompons at a stroke! It has never been so easy Pick&Pom - the quick pompom conjurer!

Use them for earrings or a necklace or on bags or shoes – pompoms are eye-catching details on every outfit. But they also look fantastic when used for a rug, cushion, garland, or even a cactus! No matter whether they are used as a fashionable accent or for a striking home accessory, they are most effective in numbers. And this is where ‘Pick&Pom’ comes into play. With the help of this tool, you can make many pompoms at a time, and faster than you might imagine. At first sight, this tool looks like a giant comb. Just wrap yarn around the comb, tie around the yarn in the spaces between the ‘teeth’, then cut the yarn between the ties. The step-by-step instructions on the package of the tool show just how easy it is. In approximately ten minutes you will have.nine fluffy pompoms.


The looser you wrap the yarn, the fluffier the little (1 3/4 inch in diameter) pompoms will be. Schachenmayr Bravo yarn is the perfect choice to make these little puffy balls. This yarn has a lovely sheen, is the perfect weight, and comes in approx. 80 colors. Why not make matching pompoms to embellish a hand-knit scarf or as textile jewelry? Merino Extrafine 120 and other high-quality yarns from the Schachenmayr collection can also be used to ‘wrap up’ many hand-made objects. 


Two identical tassels at a time - very easy with "Tasselinchen"Tassels with ‘Tasselinchen’

But ‘Pick&Pom’ is not alone. With ‘Tasselinchen’ beautiful tassels can be made in four sizes, between 1 5/8 and 4 3/4 inches. All types of yarn can be used, from fine cotton yarn with a light sheen, like Schachenmayr Catania, to heavier wool yarn.
The principal is similar to that for ‘Pick&Pom’ and is just as easy and uncomplicated. As a unique feature, identical tassels can be easily made – two tassels are made each time. You can use them for jewelry, to decorate a gift, or for home decorating. The choice is yours and your creativity will know no bounds!


The creative mind behind the tools

These helpful tools are the brainchildren of the designer Anke Müller, owner of the Cherry Picking label. The idea for these products first came to her when she needed many pompoms and tassels for a particular project and was frustrated by the standard way of making them. Then and there she designed something entirely new. Both high-quality products are 100% made in Germany, from acrylic glass. 


This is a marvelous example that shows that yarn doesn’t have to only be used to knit or crochet but can also serve as inspiration for many other DIY projects. On our website, you can find many fantastic instructions to download for free.  


Candy festoon, S10314Pompom-Rug "Love"Festoon, S10317Time to be creative - it`s so easy!


More inspiration for ‘Pick&Pom’ and ‘Tasselinchen’ can be found on the Instagram channels @pickandpom and @tasselinchen. Follow us there and share your photos with the community:


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We are looking forward to seeing your creative ideas and wish you lots of fun with the new tools!



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