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Knitting is a such a popular trend nowadays! The feeling you get when you hold something in your hands that you made yourself is incredible, it makes us happy and lets us feel proud of ourselves.


Our everyday lives can be very hectic and stressful, which is why we need a break from it from time to time, though we still want to feel like we are doing something useful. Which is why knitting is the perfect form of relaxation - even better than yoga, for some people!

The earebel feat. Schachenmayr Knitting-Set makes a connection between traditional handicraft and our modern technology of the present. Knit your very own and personalised hat, then put the headphones in, and relax into your own world.


earebel lets you take a step back from your hectic day-to-day life and just enjoy - be it by knitting or listening to your favourite songs. This is the coolest and most comfortable way to wear your headphones. Listen to music, talk to someone on your phone without using your hands, do sport and enjoy the comfort of your earebel hat. Enjoy your relaxing break and the amazing feeling you get when you use something you actually made yourself!


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Share your do-it-yourself Earebel hat with the Earebel and Schachenmayr Community and use these hashtags:


#knititloud and #turnupthewollume

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