My socks moment Cassy Dominick


Mein Sockenmoment Beitragsreihe von REGIA mit Cassy Dominick

Carina  asked - Answers by Cassy Dominick


Cassandra Dominick
is knitting in Fayetteville, Arkansas USA
is @knitten on Instagram
her blog
Find her designs on Ravelry.


Who are you? 
I'm an avid knitter, sourdough bread baker, food lover, constant scholar, plant enthusiast, and psychotherapist. I love knitting wherever I go, including when I am working with clients. I’ve dabbled lightly in knitwear design, including socks.

What's your 'sock moment'?
Turning my first heel felt like a revolution. I had never done short rows and when my now LYS owner taught me it was amazing and so freeing. Now I always have a pair of socks on the needles.

Describe a perfect pair of socks
My almost always go-to for socks is toe-up, two at a time, with a heel flap. I love using self-striping yarns or crazy colors when I do stockinette socks. With less intense yarn I like to put in a little pattern.


What are your favorite needles to work ultimate socks?
Addi sock rockets in size 0 (2mm) needles, at least 40” (100 cm) in length. Always.


Do you have a favorite among the REGIA-yarns?
My favorite is the 4-ply and so far my absolute favorite colorways have come from the ARNE&CARLOS sets.


Who are you knitting socks for?
I knit socks for myself, my husband, and my two daughters most of the time. I have lots of knitworthy friends with feet around the same size as mine, so I try to give them socks often as well.


Who would you like to knit socks for? 
I’d love to knit a pair of socks for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What a woman!


What is the prettiest project you have knitted with REGIA?
One of the most loved projects made with REGIA was a pair of mittens for my older daughter. She wore them often and they held up so well. They were cherished.

Did we forget to ask something?
One time I was knitting socks in a movie theater and didn’t realize I had dropped a ball on the way out until a woman chased walked out carrying it and then I noticed the very long unwound yarn coming from my purse. It was a little embarrassing. (Basically I was knitting in the dark and when I left the theater a ball dropped out of my purse. A woman carried it out of the theater and chased me down and I was a little embarrassed at the long strand I had to rewind. Also, some people were giggling at me. Knitting in public snafu!)



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