My Sock Moment - N°6


"Knitting to me is a time-out, relaxation and meditation."


On her blog “Landherzen“, Kerstin offers insights into her conscious way of living in tune with nature and her creative life. Next to gluten-free recipes and lettering and craft ideas, she also shares her experiences with needlework. Authentically and in an appealing manner, she shows how small things can be combined and enjoyed. For her daily yoga exercises she, for example, knit up some yoga socks ...


Kerstin from the blog Landherzen

Writes her blog
Has been knitting since childhood, but only recently began knitting socks
Lives in Erding, near Munich
Hello Kerstin, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers? 
Hi, I am Kerstin, I write the Blog Landherzen and like to spend my free time with all kinds of creative things. I´ve been knitting and crocheting since my childhood, back then mostly for my dolls/Barbie dolls/Monchichis, meanwhile mostly for myself. When I was still in school, it was my dream to become a needlework teacher ... I only learned to knit socks last winter, the #tatortsocken campaign by Lutz and his blog maleknitting proved to be contagious. Since then I have been knitting all kinds of socks. 
Which technique do you prefer when knitting socks? 
I knit from the top (ribbing) down with DPNs (double pointed needles) and so far I've only knitted a short row heel. I am flexible as far as colors are concerned. It may be a nice yarn with a pattern, but the Fair Isle technique also fascinates me. So far only purl and knit stitches, but cable patterns will ensue. I find it fascinating to always try new variations and I like to be inspired by Instagram. 
One variation are your yoga socks from our Socks Moments Magazine. As the saying goes: Knitting is the new yoga. In your opinion, what do both of these hobbies have in common and how do you implement them into your daily routine? 
Knitting is indeed very relaxing and is good for me, just like yoga. Every morning, I do 10 minutes of yoga before I commute to work. I also like to knit on the train to and from work, it relaxes me after a day at the office and clears the mind. Socks are a great take-along project, you can knit them everywhere and anytime and it never gets boring. That's just like yoga excercises – there are so many Asanas that it always varies. Knitted socks to me mean coziness, a time-out, relaxation and warm feet – that's why I like my knitted yoga socks so much. They bring both of my passions together and are just beautiful and useful. Wool socks are always useful and they make great gifts. 

Kerstin is knitting yoga socks

Kerstin's yoga socksYoga socks keep your feet farm while you practice asanasThat sounds as if you are constantly knitting. How much time do you need for a pair of socks?

Knitting up a pair of socks takes me approximately 4 weeks, if I only knit while watching „Tatort“ on TV on Sundays. If I have to get them done faster and I am knitting on the train, then it takes me approx. 2 weeks (I knit the heel at home to eliminate mistakes).

knitting yoga socks, drinking coffee - pure relaxation


What is more important to you, the finished piece or the joyful process of knitting? Or, in other words: What is your perfect sock moment?
While I am certainly happy about the finished pieces, I really enjoy the process of knitting. Knitting on the train is a nice and relaxing way to pass the time. But my perfect sock moment is when I am knitting at home – sitting comfortably and without being pressed for time, preferably on the couch or, when the weather is nice, outside on the patio or in my hammock. Knitting to me is a time-out, relaxation and meditation.

REGIA Silk is perfect for yoga socks

Which of our sock yarns do you like most?
For everyday socks I like 4-ply in a single color the most, for yoga socks I find REGIA PREMIUM Silk to be great, for hiking socks I prefer the Tweed yarn. And for socks that are meant to be a gift, I like the Design Line by ARNE & CARLOS, as well as the 4-ply REGIA Color.
The perfect yarn for every occasion ... 
And now the final question: What was the last thing you knitted or what is currently on your needles? 
A short while ago I designed a summer shawl worked in Catania that was well received. The free pattern is on my blog Landherzen (German). Right now I am involved in my KAL #dirndljackeknitalong and I am knitting a traditional jacket from the magazine Trachtenmoments 006 – the jacket will be the addition to my dirndl dress and shall be finished in time for the festivities of the Erdinger Herbstfest on August 25. 


Dear Kerstin, thank you for the interesting insights into your relaxed knitting and yoga world!

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