My Sock Moment - N° 8



"I was so happy to receive hand-knit socks as a gift that I taught myself how to knit them."


Alexandra a.k.a. SinchensALEXANDRA 

Has been knitting for 16 years and has been knitting socks for 11 years

In 2018, she will be opening her own yarn shop in Fürth, Germany.

Creatively active at @sinchens_strickenundhaekeln and


Dear Alex, can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

My name is Alexandra, I am 26 years old, and I love being creative. Actually, I have a degree in law but I have decided to make a career doing what I like to do best – and that is needlework. In August 2018 that will happen and I will open my own yarn shop, “Sinchens – The Knitting Café”.

By the way, “Sinchens” is what my family calls me.... I don’t really know why. I guess Alexandra sounds too “strict”. smiley

I have been knitting since the 5th grade, when we had to knit a doll. In the beginning, the results were a little uneven, of course, but practice makes perfect.

I have been knitting socks since I met my best friend. Her mama is the world’s fastest sock knitter! Back then, I received a pair of hand-knit socks from her. For me that was such a special, personal gift that I also wanted to be able to do it! So I started knitting socks.

However, I had to teach myself because my grandmother lived in Australia and my mother had never knit socks (and still hasn't). It actually went quite well, with the help of a good old knitting book.  smiley


Handknit socks or a REGIA yarn ball - looking festive in the "Rudolf"-jar

Beautiful packaging for REGIA Season Color Socks

What a wonderful story – from the gift of a pair of socks to your own knitting café! What does sock knitting mean to you today, where do you like to knit best, and what do you associate with sock knitting?

For me hand-knit socks mean home, feeling good, and relaxing. To be able to sit cozily at home, on the couch or in front of the fire, when it is stormy or snowy outside, drinking a cup of tea or mulled wine, and spending a quiet afternoon knitting socks – that is my perfect sock moment!

I like best to knit on our couch, but socks can be knit always and everywhere. And you can never have too many ...

With the knitting of socks I associate values such as love, affection, and esteem! I only give my hand-knits to a very small group of people because so much time and love is invested that I only want to share them with those I love the most ...


That's right. Everyone who knits knows how much time and love is invested in a pair of socks ... What is your favorite way to knit socks?

I have tried many different techniques – “toe up”, both socks on a circular needle, boomerang heel, cap heel ...

My favorite way is to knit each sock separately, on double-pointed needles, beginning at the top and with a boomerang heel. I am happy to just knit them in stockinette stitch but if I want them to be a little special I'll make a more challenging pattern, like, for example, design R0292 from the Socks Moments Magazine 001.


Sinchens' ideas: decorated canning jar featuring a unicorn and Rudolf

Do you also have a preference, as far as REGIA yarn is concerned?

I’m really in love with the REGIA Pairfect ARNE & CARLOS edition! But I also like to knit with solid colors, especially for knit patterns! In addition, I also really like the new REGIA Season Color range! This limited edition was developed specially for the Christmas season and comprises three effects in three different colorways – Classic, in red and green, Candy in peppy candy colors, and Natural in Scandinavian style.


You have a couple of wonderful ideas for this Christmas collection. Can you tell us a little more about them?


I thought that if you go to the trouble of knitting socks for someone special, it would be a wonderful idea to also wrap them appropriately. There are so many lovely designs which can be used for the holiday season that I came up with this idea:

A pair of hand-knit socks – or also a ball of yarn (some people on your gift list may prefer to knit their own socks) – can be placed in a canning jar.

But a canning jar doesn't really look very festive so I decided to crochet around the jar, with a special design. I designed two variations, ‘Rudolf’ and a unicorn. Of course, other designs, such as Santa Claus, can be crocheted from the basic body.

My idea was to unpack the gift, then remove the crocheted band and tie it around a different jar – something that especially children will enjoy.

My second idea is a little easier – a sock box with a small window. Just tie it closed with a bow or make a pompom from leftover sock yarn and glue it to the box. The little window gives a good view of the knit pattern or color progression.

The instructions for both of these packaging ideas can be downloaded here on my website (German only, but illustrations might be helpful)! 


Thank you for these wonderful ideas! In addition to knitting and crocheting you are also very creative in other areas. How will you incorporate these various talents in your yarn café?

I think it’s very important that our society doesn't forget about needlework! For me it is also very important to awaken enthusiasm in young girls, and also boys, for a new hobby (besides cell phone and computer) and to thereby give them an opportunity to discover their own talents.


We love Sinchens paper boxes and even used them during our REGIA Season Color Shooting

For these reasons, my yarn shop will be a friendly, modern, comfortable place which gives people a feeling of security. In my opinion, that also includes the availability of coffee, tea, and delicious cake, so I will include a small café. I will try to stimulate the customers’ creativity with clever examples of knitting. Above all, I think that it is extemely important to make it clear to customers of a needlework shop that they can take as much time as they need – time to thumb through magazines, touch the yarns, and sit pleasantly together with other needlework enthusiasts.

There will regularly be relaxed knitting and crocheting evenings during which each person can work on her or his own project. In addition, there will also be an extensive workshop program so that everyone has the chance to learn something new – after all, you can continue learning your whole life long. smiley



That sounds wonderful Alex! We wish you much success with your dream project!



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