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Martyna is the person behind the blogger marblerie : 25, raised on the German island of Borkum. She is now catching up on her German High School Diploma and intends to study psychology later. Martyna lives in Bochum with her tomcat and a large pack of yarn; she discovered her passion for crocheting early in 2016 after suffering from a torn ligament, teaching herself how to crochet with the help of YouTube-tutorials – since then, Martyna has been addicted to her crochet hooks. 

Favorite Schachenmayr yarn: Catania, Catania Color, Lenja Soft and Bravo

What was the best reaction to one of your projects?

I am happy about every positive response to my projects, may it be a comment, a nice message or even a heart on instagram. That is just a great acknowledgment, though sometimes it puts on the pressure. Sometimes someone approaches me on the street as I am taking my photos – one instance is stuck in my mind: I was taking a picture of an Amigurumi in front of a wall and an old man with a walker noticed and watched me. He then asked if he could take a closer look at the Amigurumi. He was so excited and even had tears in his eyes – I gave it to him as a gift. When I walked by a little later, he was still holding the Amigurumi in his hands. I think he will cherish it. That is really touching and means more than any financial remuneration to me.

Your pictures on Instagram are very colorful and unique. How did you develop this style?

I can´t do anything else *laughs* – but seriously: necessity is the mother of invention. Initially I wanted a pretty, white and consistent flatlay-feed, but somehow it didn´t work out the way I wanted it to and it wasn´t me – I am into lots of color as a person as well and not necessarily consistent. So I started to photograph my projects everywhere and so my style evolved – now I always take an Amigurumi along, in case I come across a nice wall.

What does crocheting do for you?

It brings tranquility and relaxation, and I can let my thoughts and creativity run free – it also strengthens my self-esteem enormously; it gives me the feeling that I am really capable of doing something, that I am able to create and achieve something. I feel secure and crocheting also provides – even though it probably sounds cliché – stability for me.

How did you choose your name for Instagram?

Pure coincidence! My former partner always called me “marb“ and since I am a big fan of France, I turned it into marblerie – same as pattisserie, boulangerie and so on. Choosing a name is always very difficult. I can never decide on what to name my designs and keep asking the community. Funnily enough, I went to France on holiday at a time when I was already writing the blog and there I saw a shop called “marblerie“ – I was so happy about that. Ironically, it was a stonemasonry – of course, THAT wasn´t my intention!

What would you like to achieve with your blog and your crocheting?

A really big wish of mine is at some point publishing a book with my own crochet instructions – and that is quite a realistic wish. In the past, I dreamed about having my own yarn store.

For the blog, I am hoping for a better time management and that I have more time for writing – I admire all the bloggers with a house, puppy, kids and a husband who post on a daily basis. It doesn´t work out that way for me, but I like my blog and I keep pouring all my heart and soul into it.

Most of the time you crochet Amigurumis, what is so fascinating about them?

Amigurumis are often fast projects, even though there are many separate pieces you have to sew together. I´ts easy to create your own design and if you are following instructions, just a few modifications will turn out really different results. Also I think they are really cute. By now I have so many that I give advance warnings to people who come to my apartment for the first time: “I´m the crazy crochet lady with all these animals on the shelves“ – most people think it´s cute, mostly because I created everything myself.

What were some of the experiences you had thanks to crocheting, and what were the best moments?

I could probably write an entire book on that *laughs*.
Blogger meetings are always fascinating and inspiring – not just because of the event itself but also because you are meeting people that you otherwise know only through Instagram. It´s fascinating to all of a sudden meet face to face and being both strangers and familiar with each other at the same time. The Schachenmayr blogger meeting #blackforestcrafts in the Black Forest region was a great experience. As well as the meeting in Berlin with DaWanda.
Twice I went to the H+H in Cologne, I really enjoyed that – and one of my personal highlights was meeting ARNE & CARLOS and Lydia of lalylala. Crocheting has given me many opportunities and experiences that I wouldn´t have had without it and I am very thankful for that. Through crocheting, I have met new friends to communicate with, that is great.

How much time do you spend on a design and what fascinates you more: to create your own design or following pattern instructions?

Actually I like both, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. When following a pattern, you can switch off the brain and you don´t have to be as critical with yourself. On the other hand, designing is so much fun. It´s great to create a project from scratch. I start with a drawing and at some point it turns into a finished little animal – even if it then looks so much different from the initial concept. Nevertheless it´s always an adventure and it makes me proud to create something.

The time I need for a design differs. Sometimes it works out within a few hours and on the first try and other times I use bad language for days and frog something over and over until I am happy with it.

What is your recommendation for someone wanting to give designing a try?

Just do it! Really – don´t hesitate and don´t doubt yourself and just get going. Whether it´s making a drawing or just beginning that piece. And if you don´t like your design: frog it and start over. Samuel Beckett once said: “try again. Fail again. Fail better.“ And that certainly hits the nail on the head. There is no right or wrong and if you don´t try it, you will never discover what you are capable of. My first designs were gruesome – but that´s OK, I learned from each of my failures. In the beginning it might be frustrating, but the emotion you experience when your own idea turns into a reality is simply indescribable.

Discover her design "Little mermaid Alba" for Schachenmayr, available as free pattern here!



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