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 Carina asked  -  Kerstin Balke aka Stine & Stitch answered 


Kerstin is knitting in Reinfeld, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany - since 47 years, socks for more than 30 years

is stine_und_stitch on Instagram

Her German blog

Find her designs on Ravelry 


Who are you?

For 9 years I´ve been showing my knitted and sewn creations on the internet under the name of Stine & Stitch. In real life, my name is Kerstin and I live just outside of Lübeck with my family and our dog. 


What's your 'sock moment'?
My biggest sock moment was holding my first book "SoxxBook" in my hands for the first time. 


Describe a perfect pair of socks
I prefer knitting from the top down, with a boomerang heel and band toes. 


What are your favorite needles to work ultimate socks?
I prefer to knit with wooden DPN´s.


Do you have a favorite among the REGIA-yarns?
I am a big fan of all REGIA PREMIUM yarns. Currently, REGIA PREMIUM Silk is my favorite.


Who are you knitting socks for?
Most of the socks I knit are patterns to be shown in my books. Luckily, these socks also fit my family. 


Who would you like to knit socks for? 
For my favorite cartoon character Tintin, so that he doesn´t suffer from cold feet during his adventures with his dog Snowy. I am sure they would be a great addition to his knickerbockers. 


What is the prettiest project you have knitted with REGIA?
Recently, I have been visiting my parents quite often and during those visits I knitted a shawl for myself with REGIA PREMIUM Silk in the Rose colorway. This will always remind me of this very emotional time. 


Did we forget to ask something?
My funniest knitting experience happened at the international trade fair h+h Cologne, when Arne (Arne and Carlos) tried to teach me Norwegian while knitting. Sadly, it didn´t work.



Soxx Book Cover von Kerstin BalkeSoxx Book Family & Friends Cover Kerstin Balketopp 8175 Soox Look Kerstin Balke Cover


Kerstins books are published by Frechverlag and available in German. Book no. 4 will come out in August 2020..


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