My Sock Moment - N°3


Lutz from "Maleknitting" knits a pairfect pair of "Tatort*" socks in an ARNE & CARLOS design


Two identical socks from just one ball of yarn? That is especially practical for Lutz who has his sock moments on Sunday evenings while watching television whodunits and who shares the results with the constantly growing #tatortstricker community.


Lutz from Maleknitting showing his REGIA Pairfect SocksLUTZ

Inventor of "Tatort" socks
Founder of the #tatortstricker group


»I'm a big 'Tatort' fan and knit – preferably socks – every Sunday while watching TV. Since I don't want to miss any part of the film, I usually choose a simple design – or use REGIA Pairfect yarn. This yarn is dyed so that two perfectly matched socks can be knit, without having to count rows or change colors.«
*Tatort (Crime scene) is a long-running German language police procedural television series.

Unique Sock Moment: „Pairfect Pair“

Unique Sock Moment: „Pairfect Pair“. Click here for Image-Video


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Sandra from Meine fabelhafte Welt

Knit pairfect Sock with Lutz

Knit pairfect Sock with Lutz: Click here for Video-Tutorial (German only)


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Barbara from Sockshype


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