In real life, Ms.Eni´s name is Simone – she is 31 years old and lives in Neumark, a small town in Thuringia. She lives in her own house with her husband and three kids. If she is not working on some cute creatures, she works as an engineer in water resources management. She taught herself how to crochet with the help of YouTube tutorials and her mom´s crochet magazines. You can see all of her fabulous photos on Instagram. Simone is the author of the Amigurumi book „Die Mix-Max-Häkelbande“ and valiantly answered our questions:

Simone, you are very successful – your crochet patterns are popular and your book has turned out great. What do you think is the reason for that?

*laughs* I am still doing it because I enjoy it, I have always been a creative person – I was practically born with it. My mother is a textile engineer, she sews, knits, dyes and spins her own yarn. My grandmother is also a knitter and taught me embroidery as a child, I enjoy doing that. I think that´s the entire secret behind it.

Did you find it challenging to write a book, and if so, what were some of the difficulties?

Difficulties ... it was exhausting, because I didn´t really have much time, due to the amount of patterns – I did more crocheting and digitalizing than I normally would in two years. Also, my book is about large Amigurumis. And I am married and have three kids, I have a job and a lot to do. But I had a lot of fun working on the book.

What are your plans in terms of crocheting?

Because I really had so much fun and I couldn´t say no, there is going to be a new book. Completely different this time. Less Amigurumis, there are only going to be two in the book. Otherwise, there are patterns for anything you can think of: small accessories such as hair clips and wall decor, etc. – a glitter crochet book. I took it like this: challenge accepted! Is that what you call it? *laughs* Aside from that, it feels good to broaden your own horizon.

Can you imagine to turn your hobby into a full-time profession?

No. Though sometimes it crosses my mind but then I dismiss it again. I can´t imagine doing this for the rest of my life – if at some point I can´t be creative anymore, but have to be, then what do I do? 

You have three kids, you are married, you have a job and are a part-time blogger and author. How do you accommodate all that?

Everyone asks me that and I don´t have an answer *laughs*Maybe this: I have stopped cleaning up after my kids, so it´s a little chaotic, though clean, but that´s okay. I also have two parents-in-law and my family in general, the kids spend time with them, so I have more time for myself and doing things I enjoy.

If you are not crocheting – how do you spend your free time?

With my kids, inevitably *laughs*. I like baking, I like to paint, I just like doing everything that´s creative. I also enjoy crafting – and hand lettering.



                                                            Die mix max Häkelbande - Simone Conrad - EMF Verlag




Is there something you would like to learn but haven´t started yet?

There are always things where I think: “Yes, I would like to do that.“ There are always some thoughts popping up. I´d like to do more punch needling, now that I´ve taken part in a workshop at the H+H in Cologne.

How many attempts does it take until you are happy with your crochet project?

That varies. Sometimes it works on the first try. Then there are those projects that I have to frog four or five times until I am happy with it. And if you are working with yarn that doesn´t unravel easily, it´s all the more frustrating.

What is, in your opinion, your unique feature, or rather, how would you describe your style?

My style: In always work things in one piece. I try to crochet each Amigurumi so that there are fewer pieces that need to be sewn together.  Aside from that, I crochet all kinds of thing, things I like, so that can´t be a unique feature *laughs*. I also think it is important that the Amigurumi can be used as a cuddly toy – so no wires. Thus my creations don´t have a slim neck, but that´s perfectly OK for me. The only time I used wire was for a rocking horse. On second try it worked even without wire, and I prefer that.

What else is on your crochet to-do-list?

Oh, I made this really long list at the beginning of the year – I just don´t know where I put it *laughs*. Definitely a duck, a lion, tiger, a hippo – oh, there are so many things I haven´t done. It´s a long list.

What inspires you?

My children. And often things they wear. Once the youngest one was wearing a T-shirt with a printed monster, that´s when I wanted to crochet monsters. Another time I bought bed sheets with a whale motif and crocheted a whale, the ideas just evolve that way.

What is currently on your crochet hook?

I just started a bird, a blue tit. Previously I worked a small parrot and then I wanted something that was more like spring. I also plan on doing a great tit. Which is weird, because I am not really a bird lover.

Mostly you do the designs yourself and more seldomly work patterns from other people – why is that so?

I just don´t have the time. Lately I´ve had two book projects and they really eat up my time. It doesn´t mean that I don´t like other designs. Quite on the contrary. I like looking at them. But the majority is too large for me. I rather prefer the small projects. The unicorn by Picapau is an UFO in my crochet box. So far, I´ve only managed to complete about a quarter of the head. But my daughter desperately wants it to be finished by Christmas. By then, I will have spent exactly one year working on it *laughs*.

What was the coolest experience you had thanks to crocheting?

To meet crocheting friends. And the Fangirlmoment at the fair in Cologne with Lydia of lalylala.

Favorite Schachenmayr yarn: Catania!



                                                           Das Glitzerhäkelbuch - Simone Conrad - EMF Verlag




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