Plaid, W9960When reading about needlework, you might have often run into the terms CAL and KAL. Even if the occasional cookie does come into play during an evening of knitting or crocheting on the couch, the three letters in question don’t have anything to do with calories. Instead, they are the abbreviation for Crochet-A-Long or Knit-A-Long. If you still don't know what this might mean, take a look at our “Knitter's Slang”. Here you will find a general explanation and also other terms from the world of needlework.


Or you can simply read about the following wonderful example of a CAL. 


Stephanie Thies, also known as Stefanella, blogs about her passion for crochet at "Häkeln im Quadrat“ (Crocheting Squared). She has created many of her own designs, such as Granny Squares and amigurumis, and has even published a few crochet books. But occasionally she also likes to follow existing crochet instructions.   


Schachenmayr Journey

For example, she liked our afghan W9960, crocheted with our “Journey” tape yarn, so well that she immediately used it as the reason to start a new CAL. In her blog she not only introduced the design and invited her readers to crochet along, she also posted a total of 10 pages with detailed, step-by-step photos of the individual crochet steps.


Although Stefanella’s afghan has long been finished and her CAL has therefore ended, the helpful illustrated instructions remain on her blog. The colorful photos will entice you to start crocheting the lovely afghan yourself – and thanks to the detailed instructions and the crochet chart, it is not at all difficult. 


Do you like the design? Are you sad that the CAL is already over? 

That doesn't matter! Stefanella went to so much trouble that it would be wonderful if small follow-up CALs also took advantage of her help. So just find a few more crochet enthusiasts who would also like to make the afghan – and start your own CAL! Stefanella will surely be delighted to discover your photos under the hashtag #caldeckejourney.


Here are the 10 blog posts, with the individual steps of the instructions:

Post 1 - Plaid W9960

Blog post 3 - Plaid W9960

Post 5 - Plaid W9960

Blog post 7 - Plaid W9960

Blog post 9 - Plaid W9960



Blog post 2 - Plaid W9960

Blog post 4 - Plaid W9960

Blog post 6 - Plaid W9960

Blog post 8 - Plaid W9960

Blog post 10 - Plaid W9960





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