MANUIA Shawl, S11033 Abschnitt 2


MANUIA Shawl, S11033 Abschnitt 2

Designer name: 
Frau Feinmotorik

We start with the brioche pattern. In order to work our way into It very slowly, we will stick to one color in part 2, practicing knitted brioche stitches and yarnovers and brioche increases.
When working a brioche pattern, it is difficult to fix any incorrectly worked stitches after-towards or to unravel a whole row and pick up the stitches again. Therefore, we recommend that beginning knitters regularly insert a “lifeline” into your work to secure your stitches. You can find lots of free tutorials for doing this online.
In this part, you will encounter new stitches (sl1yo, brk, brkyobrk), which Julia will explain to you, step by step.

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